Brookshire Cluster General Assembly Meeting 2003

Thursday, February 20, 2003


Here are Brookshire Cluster’s annual General Assembly meeting minutes. Each year in January/February, the entire cluster gathers together for a general assembly meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for the community to do a year-end review and suggest/approve actions for the upcoming year.  The minutes are broken down as follows, just click on any of the following links:


2002 in Review

Financials and Budget

2003 Events

Vote on board members

Other items for general discussion

Brookshire Cluster Contact List



We had a great turnout for this meeting (over half the households represented) with lots of food, drink, and camaraderie.  With 15 of 26 houses in attendance, quorum achieved with 58%. Meeting called to order at 8PM.


2002 in Review

·         Both Cluster Cleanups (April and October) went very well.  As our Cluster has more common ground and landscaping that any other in Reston, this is one of our more important community events.  Those who volunteer to help during these events not only help to beautify our common areas, but also save the Cluster quite a bit of money - money from our dues that would otherwise go to paying others to provide these services.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

·         Last year our summer picnic was held in the open space near the playground not far from Moorings Rd.  Leann and Mark set up a tent to help protect our food from the elements and we had several volunteers to help with the grills and there was plenty of food to go around.  As always, a good time was had by all. 

·         Our 2nd annual Yard Sale was not quite as successful as the 1st, but this was due to drizzly weather.  We are planning a 3rd Annual (see below).

·         And last but not least, we were able to get a street light put in on the corner of Brookshire and Moorings which helps visibility at night tremendously.


Financials and Budget

·         Most people are paying their dues on time which helps our Treasurer Leann Y focus her attention on more important aspects of our financial planning.  Here are some 2002 financial highlights:

·         We are doing very well in keeping our actual income very close to our budget.

·         Expenses were slightly over budget in 2002 due to a large expenditure for tree service; however, we did not spend any money budgeted for Repairs and Maintenance, so this allowed us to come in close to budget.

·         We were able to re-negotiate our trash removal contract, resulting in a savings of about $2500.00 per year.

·         In 2003 we expect most expenses to remain fairly constant with the exception of landscaping and snow removal.  We also need to begin to prepare for having our parking lot repaved or resurfaced within the next couple of years.  Sherry D volunteered to check on the costs associated with this; if you know anyone who might be able to help in this area, please contact Sherry.

·         Because of the increased cost for some of our budget items, we will need to consider raising our dues to collect for long-term projects.  Based on best-priced estimates for repaving, sidewalk repair and restructuring retaining walls, we will determine how much we need over the long-term. Based on the amount required, dues may be raised accordingly. The additional dues collected for long term renovation or restoration projects will be separately allotted and tracked within the Brookshire budget.


2003 Events

·         Spring Cluster Cleanup has been scheduled for Saturday, April 26 from 9:00 – 12:00.  If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see done, please send them to John F or Deirdre B.  If you have plants or bulbs you would like to donate, please let John know.

·         Our annual Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, May 10 8:00 – 12:00.  Details will follow as we get closer to May.

·         The Brookshire Cluster Summer Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, June 21 (rain date the 22nd).  Watch for signs as the date gets closer.


Vote on board members

          Out-going:               Julie P -Social Director [Thank you Julie]

          Onboard:                Deirdre B – President

                                      John F – Landscape Director

                                      Leann Y – Treasurer

                                      Jackie G – Secretary

                                      Maura O  - Social Director [Welcome]


Other items for general discussion

·         Evaluate speed bump, speed sign and/or children at play sign (?)

·         Upgrade childrens’ play area and toy set by Moorings Drive (Laura and Julie)

·         Gather names for gutter cleaning with Maple leaf (group discount) (Sherry, Deirdre)

·         Gather number of mulch bags required per house   (Leann and Deirdre)

·         Identify areas for special attention during cluster cleanup  (mention to John F)


Meeting concluded at 10:45PM.

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