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Calendar of Events for Brookshire Cluster – 2018

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Social Events:


·        Book Club:                       Ongoing. Please contact Mick & Jen for details.

·        First Friday Gathering:      First Friday of each month.  Locations to be decided.

·        Easter Egg Hunt:              Sat, March 31st   

·        Cluster Cleanup social:      Saturday, Noon April 21st

·        Yard Sale:                        May…  Brookshire#1

·        Relay For Life (Reston-Herndon): May 19th at South Lakes High School

·        Picnic:                             Saturday, June 30th  

·        Halloween Party:              Saturday, October 27th  

·        Holiday Party:                  Saturday, December 8th 

·        New Years Eve Party:        New Year’s Eve, place tbd.


Planned Events:

·        General Assembly:             Tuesday, Feb 6th 1558  7PM

·        Concrete Sidewalk replace: Late March – 20 feet surround cleared for work

·        Parking lot repaving:          Early April for 3 days, no cars in lot

·        Cluster Cleanup Spring:     Saturday April 21st  Rain date Sunday 22nd.

·        Cluster Cleanup Fall:          Saturday October 20th. Rain date Sun 21st .




·        Replacing concrete path:  The entire stretch of concrete sidewalk on the back of the cluster will be replaced in late March.  For this, the workers will need 20’ clearance surrounding the area so all cars will need to be cleared during that time. Any additional or private concrete work can be completed at that time – just send your request to

·        Adding concrete curbs to Fire-lane Area:  In addition to the sidewalk replacement, there will be new concrete curbs installed on either side of the firelane area in the center of the cluster. On the right, the railway ties will be replaced by concrete. On the left side, new concrete curbs will be installed under the barberry bushes. The ground behind the curbs will be back-filled with soil and reseeded where appropriate.

·        Repaving Asphalt Parking lot:  The entire parking lot will be repaved in early April. During this time, all vehicles need to be OFF the parking lot or risk being towed at the owner’s expense. Notices will be published when the date/time is finalized.  All concrete wheel stops will be repainted and repositioned correctly when the paving is complete.

·        Mulch:  Mulch will be delivered the week of March 19th at $4.70 per 3 cubic foot bag of double shredded hardwood mulch. If you are interested but have not yet signed up, please contact us Mulch Order Request

·        Gutter Cleaning Gutter cleaning occurs in late May and late December.  End units are $125 and interior units are $99. The contractors will avoid the gullies, remove debris and make minor repairs where needed. If you want to sign up for gutter cleaning, please contact us here.

·        Mosquito control  Eight times this summer (up from 6 in 2016), we have Mosquito Joe folks coming to spray mosquito larvae control around our neighborhood to reduce the mosquito invasion we’re prone to have.  We will announce the date of spraying so you can keep vulnerable folks and pets inside.

·        Special Waste options:

·        Special Waste & Recycling:  Select Annual listing on the drop down menu box: 

o   Hazardous Waste        

o   Document Shredding         

o   Electrical equipment-TVs, PCs          

o   For other programs, click here


·        Special Landscaping Projects: Dates to be decided but it will be April-May most likely. Completing the garden on the right side by the entrance will be completed as part of the special Trees & Grass project.  Any remaining work will be part of the Spring Cluster Cleanup this year on April 21st.

·        Landscape:

o   Seeding and Fertilization: Seedling occurs in late winter/early spring (Feb – March) over all common grounds. Aeration occurs in October. Fertilization will occur in late March, weather permitting. 

o   Mulching:     Early March, swat teams will clear up the common area gardens and mulch gardens, trees and the play area.

o   Grass Cutting:  Swat teams will mow all accessible cluster property weekly over the summer 26 times altogether.  They come various days during the week so the weekends are mower-free.

o   Leaf Blowing:  Swat teams come and remove all common area leaves in late November, late December and Jan/Feb (thrice altogether), weather permitting.  If you move your own leaves to a common area before leaf-blowing day, your leaves will also be removed and made into Mulch.

o   Yard Waste Pickup– Separate pickup for brush and vegetation. The trash company will come by every Wednesday morning during growing season to pick up trees/shrubs and yard vegetation (no solids or artificial content).  NEW:  ALL yard waste either in recyclable bags or tied with string, NO plastic bags. 

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