Brookshire Cluster

How to make a complaint against the Home Owners Association:


Obtain the most current covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R's) for the community These rules and bylaws dictate how Brookshire Cluster community functions and provide guidelines for homeowners and board members. If you wish to submit a complaint to the board, please complete the attached form below and submit to a board member, email it to or post to the president’s address.

Request to attend the next HOA board meeting to address your concern or complaint, making sure your comments and attendance are added to the meeting minutes.

For further action on unresolved issues, please engage Brookshire’s contact at Reston Association until the issue is resolved:

Robert Chambliss

Covenants Advisor

Reston Association

12001 Sunrise Valley Drive

Reston, VA 20191

(703) 435-6578 office


Julie Loy

Covenants Advisor

T: 703.435-6507  F: 703.673.2040




Complainant Information: Name

Email Address


City, State, ZIp


Defendant Information: Name


City, State, Zip


Violation: The nature and date of the alleged violation, and a description of the factual basis of the complaint.

Regulation: State the specific Rule and Regulation By-law articles being violated.

Witness: Name, Address, and Phone

Signature and Date of the Complainant



Homeowners Association Complaint Form

This is the Brookshire Cluster HOA Board of Directors official process for complaints to be addressed.

This form must be signed and dated by the complainant to be processed. Please submit to a board member, mail to the address below or email to

Please complete the above information, sign and date the form and give it to a board member or mail to the address below, or email to

Brookshire Cluster  Homeowners’ Association

1555 Brookshire Ct. 

Reston, VA 20190

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