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Welcome to Brookshire Cluster Association. Information to get you started in our neighborhood follows.




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There are 26 homes in Brookshire Cluster.  BCA’s dues are $285 per house per quarter and include lawn and common ground maintenance, trash collection, leaf removal, and snow removal (from the parking lot and drive). Dues statements are distributed in January, April, July and October. Late fees of $25 are applied to all past-due invoices.


Annual dues are also due to Reston Organization. 2018 amount is $682 per household included in Reston’s organization. For more detail on the dues and what the budget funds, click here



AAA disposal service, Inc. collects:


Residents should set trash in the parking lot no sooner than the night before scheduled pick-up. Trash must be in closed containers or in bags which are fastened shut. These rules should ensure keeping rodents from setting up camp in our parking lot.


Larger items can be disposed of by special pickup services and/or renting a dumpster during the cluster cleanup sessions (see Common Grounds) or by special request to AAA Trash & Recycling.



Common grounds: 

Landscape areas are maintained by Cardinal landscaping. Cardinal provides garden maintenance, mulching and pruning, grass mowing service through the summer, lawn seeding and leaf clean-up twice during the fall months. Cluster members get together twice annually (once in Spring, once in the Fall) in a Cluster Clean-up to plant trees & plants, paint, weed, prune and remove debris (sticks, deadwood etc). Members are asked to pitch in during the year, especially in the summer, to help maintain our common areas by watering and weeding our flower beds. Contact the landscaping director with any questions or concerns about dead trees, limbs or bushes. Brookshire Cluster is one of the largest green-space-per-household clusters in Reston.


Mosquito Control: 

Brookshire Cluster controls the summer mosquito swarms by spraying the common grounds to kill mosquito larvae throughout the summer and once or twice during fall.


Social events:   (see Calendar of Events here)

Each year, the cluster holds a number of social activities for the whole cluster:



Each townhouse unit is assigned one reserved parking space which is marked as such. Click here to see Parking Lot and House Number layout.  Guest spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Due to the limited number of available parking spaces, each unit is limited to keeping no more than two cars on Brookshire court, one reserved and one guest spot maximum. Any additional cards could be parked on Moorings Drive.  Large recreational vehicles need to park on Moorings Drive or in the Reston RV parking lot which has prerequisite electricity and water. Cars should not be parked in a visitor’s spot for more than 30 days, or it will be subject to being towed. Parking is restricted to assigned parking spaces only, cards parked in fire lanes or blocking sidewalks will be ticketed and/or towed by Fairfax county authorities.


Neighborhood watch: 

Brookshire Cluster participants in Fairfax County’s neighborhood watch program. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the police non-emergency telephone number at (703) 691-2131. Emergency situations should be reported to 911.


Wildlife habitat:

Reston is the third certified National Wildlife Habitat in the US with the National Wildlife Federation. Reston’s Community Wildlife Habitat project includes Backyard Wildlife Habitat sites at single family homes, clusters, apartment buildings, schools and daycare centers, workplaces, churches, and other community locations. Brookshire cluster actively supports wildlife by paying special attention to native plants, animals, pesticides and levels of nighttime lighting for the nocturnal habitat.


Fairfax County Leash law:

Dogs should be kept on a leash or under the owner’s control. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs on cluster property. Cluster residents are invited to bring their dogs to the local dog park on Baron Cameron for dog play-time, please do not use the cluster common grounds for exercise or play. Extra bags are provided on the public walkways for simple, safe removal of dog debris.


Design and Architectural Overview: 

The Lake Anne area in Reston is an historic site so buildings and landscape need to be preserved and in harmony with nature. Architectural and design layout changes need to be reviewed and approved by Reston’s Design Review board. Contact the Reston Association Covenants Administration at 703-437-9580. Siding guidelines (white 8.5" planks) are available online.  Paint guidelines with the matching paint palette is available online with paint samples available at Home Depot as needed. Other Brookshire Cluster guidelines can be found here


Board of Directors:

The cluster is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors elected annually by its owner-residents. The association’s meeting is scheduled annually around February.  For new home owners, a package is gathered that contains the articles of incorporation, by-laws, cluster rules, amendments, annual treasurer’s report for the last two years, with plan for current year, last minutes, parking lot layout and miscellaneous other documents.

Questions not covered in these materials may be answered by any of the current Board members. You can contact a member here.

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